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KJV the most accurate English translation of the Bible — 10 Comments

  1. James, I know that Martin Luthers translation is an accurate translation for the German people. Do you know much about reliable translations for the Japanese, Chinese, Korean?

  2. Hi James, You and others may find this link interesting as some of the info comes at things from another angle, i.e. it looks at other translations based on the same manuscripts that the KJV is based upon.

    It is also good for people to read what is in the preface that used to be included in the KJV, as it has how the translators themselves vewed their translation. I remember the preface being included in Bibles that I had many moons ago.

      • I haven’t looked at that page in depth on the NKJV but I gather from other pages on the site he does recognise that NKJV has its problems. I believe it does also and there is also some deceitfulness that I detected in the information given re the translation in the preface of the NKJV that I read in the past.

        But what I was mostly interested in on the site was the VW edition of the Bible which corrects some mistranslations (there are some) in the KJV from the same texts that KJV is translated from. (I also consult Greens Literal and Youngs Literal sometimes which are translated from the same texts as KJV)

        Unfortunately I have found some very unbalanced veiws amongst the “KJV only” people which haven’t been helpful in the debate! Perhaps you have too? I got sucked in by Gail Riplinger for a while until I did a bit more background checking.
        Some of these waco people would correct the Hebrew and Greek texts from the KJV because they believe it to be infallable. People like that can’t give a reasoned debate it as far as I am concerned.

        I certainly believe the KJV to be more reliable than the versions based upon the corrupt stream of manuscripts used for the modern versions. But I don’t believe it’s perfect. What did the people before the KJV came along do for word of God? I seem to recall you referring to tyndales version in something I read of yours, so I gather you do recognise previous versions. I do try to be honest and balanced about things James.

        To be honest I don’t trust Jack Chick he’s a false teacher.

        Anyway perhaps you may like to have a look at the VW edition and compare it with Strong’s and/or other lexicons. I am keeping an open mind on it at the moment anyway
        and if find it doesn’t sit right then I’ll decide what to do from there.

        Oh and have a good new year James!

  3. For those people who have a problem with the old language of the KJV, you might want to consider the American King James Version (AKJV) which you can find on


    Unlike the NKJV, the AKJV is in the public domain. It is a simple word for word update from the King James English with only updated spelling and vocabulary changes. There are no changes in the grammar because that could alter the doctrine. — Paraphrased quote from the AKJV website.

  4. At the top of the page on the NKJV is the following statement:

    Note (March, 2003): This “discussion” was written and submitted several years ago before I got involved in ‘translation/proofreading’ work. While the new VW-Edition is now finished, and as a result of seeing the various translations side-by-side and word-for-word, the NKJV is now no longer recommended (please read: What Bible Translation to Choose?), this discussion, nonetheless, contains useful information about the NKJV, text origins and such informative issues that are still valid for their own intrinsic worth. However, to be clear: I no longer use the NKJV.

  5. James, here’s a video I came accross recently about a translation being promoted with a Jewish slant. The wickedness of the translator and the host of the show Sid Roth is staggering. Such liars! False Witnesses! You can be sure this translation is not to be trusted. (youtube.com/watch?v=cf5cImBf8WA)

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