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Genesis Chapter One Indicates a Spherical Rotating Earth

Genesis Chapter One Indicates a Spherical Rotating Earth
Stationary GPS satellite over the rotating earth
Stationary GPS satellite over the rotating earth

On March 15th I hitchhiked to the Tokyo area from my home in Niigata City in 4 cars. When sitting in the back seat of one of the cars, the front seat passenger was having a long conversation with the driver. This meant I didn’t have to engage in conversation with them and gave me an opportunity to redeem the time and type a message on my Tablet PC. I wanted to reply to a man named Sam who was debating with my friend Dr. John Gideon Hartnett about when God created the sun. Though the Bible in Genesis 1 clearly says God made the sun on the 4th day of creation, Sam says it must have been on the first day for how can there be 24 hours without the sun? Before we go further, you must know I am writing this for Bible believers who believe in a literal six days of creation of the universe and everything in it, with one day being 24 hours. This is what most Creationists and fundamental Christians and Bible believers hold to be true.

Holding my Tablet PC in my left hand and typing with one finger of my right hand, I suddenly saw things from the first few verses of Genesis one that I never saw before! I wrote Sam things I didn’t intend to write him. Have you ever experienced getting revelations from the written Word of God of things you haven’t ever heard anybody else teach? I have, and it’s thrilling! I think Bible teachers experience this more than those who just read the Bible but don’t share with others what they learn. Maybe God showed me something new because He knew I was just about to share it with somebody else! You can read about another revelation I had on New Viewpoint of the Clay and Iron of Daniel Chapter 2

This is what I wrote Sam:

Your question, “How does one explain Day & Night and “first day” if this is not the creation of the sun????” is valid in my opinion and something I wondered about too. The way I see it is God, “in the beginning” not only created matter and light on the first day, He created time as well. Is 24 hours dependent on the existence of the sun to be 24 hours? Or is 24 hours dependent on one rotation of the earth? According to my understanding of time and physics, the latter is true. Therefore even without a sun there were 24 hour days because of the rotation of the earth!

Genesis 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Suddenly verse 4 makes more sense to me than ever! If the sun didn’t exist till day 4, how could God divide the light from the darkness? Answer: God Himself was the light source over a rotating earth!

And even if you say all of the above is mere speculation, the Scriptures say clearly in verse 1:16, And God MADE two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

1:19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

Sam didn’t argue against my answer. 🙂

Refuting the Flat Earthers

During year 2015, an unusual and crazy phenomenon of people who believe the earth is flat spread around the Internet. Flat Earthers are bound not to like this article. And who bought flat earth foolishness? Every one of them I have encountered so far is an English speaking US American or Canadian. Every one of them is a Bible believing Christian and a conspiracy researcher. I even had to deal with one face to face on March 16th! I visited him without knowing that he had become a flat earther. Do you see a pathern here? I believe Flat Earth is a psyops designed to trip off mostly white North American Christians who are also conspiracy researchers. Not a single Japanese I have ever met believes the earth is flat. They all laugh when I tell them I know people who do.

If the child turned constantly around holding a rope attached to a swinging bucket of water while facing it, this would be akin to how a geostationary satellite orbits the rotating earth while staying over the same area of the earth. The rope between the bucket and the person swinging it is akin to the gravitational force that keeps the satellite in motion from flying away into space. Flat earthers deny the existence of gravitational force, outer space, Newtonian laws of motion, and the existence of communication satellites that make the Internet fast so they can spread their flat earth propaganda easier?! Incredible!

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4 thoughts on “Genesis Chapter One Indicates a Spherical Rotating Earth”

  1. Assuming there are truly satellites. According to many NASA video from Space station there are none…not a one. In fact, not one rocket has ever broken through the established firmament. There are videos on this as well. Virgin Space Tours can’t even figure out why none of their craft can get into “space”. Just want to add that your exposing of Rome and the Jesuits should at some point lead you to NASA. Shortly after Auguste Piccard revealed to Popular Science Magazine that the earth is flat NASA suddenly came into being. There is video with old footage revealing Nixon had the moon landing filmed (in England) and lots of interesting information from those who worked for NASA as realism artists who made paintings of the earth. These paintings are most of the “pictures” of earth from space. I can’t even type enough or fast enough to explain all of this. As I mentioned in another post, this is really worth a looking into. In fact, just about EVERY THING we have been taught about or world is one big lie after another propigated for the use of the New World Order and their coming Extraterrestrial Messiah.

  2. Hello there… I used to comment on your page a long while back.. Please look up Michelson Morley experiment and decide for yourself if the Earth is indeed moving.. Scientists have always assumed that the earth is moving and when their results suggested little or no movement of light waves through the Aether, they came to the conclusion that the Aether does not exist because they always believed that the Earth is moving. Einstein’ special theory of relativity was also concocted to explain the results of this experiment.

    Glenn Gaspar

    1. mm

      Hello Glenn. Movement is something that is relative to other objects. That was my observation a few weeks ago when I was reverse parking between two cars, and suddenly the car on my right pulled out which gave me the illusion my own car was going backwards faster than it should! I panicked and slammed on the break but it had no effect which freaked me out even more! Than I realized what happened. I am talking about the rotation of the earth relative to the sun, not about the movement of the earth through space. That movement is relative to what? It could very well be that the earth is stationary and the rest of the cosmos is moving around it. I think there is no way to say either way from our perspective. The subject of this article is to dispute what Flat-earthers say about a flat earth.

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